Tektronix TDS3014B, 100Mhz, 4 Channels

Model No: TDS3014A
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  • 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 MHz Bandwidths
  • 2 and 4 Channel Versions
  • Sample Rates to 5 GS/s per Channel
  • Full VGA Color LCD
  • 25 Automatic Measurements
  • 9-Bit Vertical Resolution
  • Multi-language User Interface
  • QuickMenu Graphical User Interface for Easy Operation
  • Built-In Ethernet Port
  • e*Scope Web-Based Remote Control
  • WaveAlert Anomaly Detection
  • Plug-in Printer for Portable Documentation of Results
  • FFT and Advanced Pulse/Logic Triggering Modules - Now Included On All Models
  • Limit Testing for Rapid Go/No-Go Testing
  • Advanced Triggers including Glitch, Runt and Logic
  • Telecommunications Mask Testing
  • Two Video Modules for Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Centronics Port Standard on all Models for Quick, Convenient Hardcopies
  • TekProbe Level II Interface Supports Active, Differential and Current Probes for Automatic Scaling and Units
  • Built-in Floppy Disk Drive For Easy Storage and Documentation
  • Optional GPIB, RS-232 & VGA ports
  • Optional Battery Power
  • Telecommunications Manufacturing
  • Digital Design and Debug
  • Video Design and Service
  • Industrial Electronic Design
  • Power Supply Design
  • Connected Instrumentation
  • Highly Mobile Environments   The TDS3000B series builds on the award-winning TDS3000 DPO products to bring more power, more portability while still remaining affordable. The best value DPO just got even better: the TDS3000B is * More Powerful with new hardware and software features: WaveAlert; waveform anomaly detection, e*Scope; web-based remote control, Advanced Analysis Module (TDS3AAM), External Trigger added to 4-channel models, XY cursors, Limit Test Module (TDS3LIM), faster CPU, faster DPO in 300MHz and 500Hz models, more accurate timebase, more and improved measurements, and new Save All feature.
    * More Portable with new optional accessories: plug-in thermal printer (TDS3PRT)
    * And it's Still Affordable with more standard features, (built-in Ethernet port, more measurements, plus others), TDS3TRG and TDS3FFT included with all models, combined GPIB/VGA/RS-232 module (TDS3GV) functionally replaces two modules, and more features added to TDS3VID module New Features WaveAlert™
    WaveAlert waveform anomaly detection extends DPO's inherent fast acquisition capability to speed your troubleshooting task by helping you find those elusive problems faster. WaveAlert monitors the incoming signals on all channels and highlights any waveform that deviates from the normal waveform being acquired. The anomalous waveform is highlighted in amber on screen and the user can select from several alert actions the TDS3000B can take when an anomaly is detected: stop acquisition, sound a beep, make a hardcopy, or save the waveform to disk and continue. These actions allow you to run tests over long time periods – even unattended – to find those challenging, very infrequent failures. With WaveAlert waveform anomaly detection the TDS3000B is watching for problems and alerts you when it finds them. e*Scope
    The TDS3000B is truly an e*Scope, allowing you to control it via the Internet using your PC from anywhere. Simply connect your TDS3000B to your LAN via its built-in Ethernet port, open a browser window on your PC and enter the TDS3000B's IP address into the URL window. The oscilloscope will respond and allow you to control it from your browser. You can download e*Scope control software to your PC for a graphical interface that displays the TDS3000B screen and front panel controls for easy access. e*Scope control gives you simple remote access to your TDS3000B measurement instrument – whether across the room or across the globe. You can check operation of your prototype running in the lab from your desktop PC, help service technicians troubleshoot equipment at remote locations or gather data from a colleague's instrument at another development site. e*Scope extends your work space from your bench to the whole world. Plug-In Thermal Printer (TDS3PRT)
    The TDS3PRT plug-in printer adds easy, portable documentation capability to your TDS3000B oscilloscope. Just plug it into the back of your oscilloscope and press Hardcopy to get a print of your screen. The printer works where your TDS3000B works – even when operating on battery power. And the new printer is compatible with existing TDS3000s. New TDS3GV Module: Combined GPIB/RS-232/VGA
    This new module combines the function of two modules previously available – TDS3GM and TDS3VM – at the same low price as one of the previous modules. Included with the TDS3GV module is a free 30-day demo version of WaveStar data capture and analysis tool and VocalLink voice control software for oscilloscopes. Family Improvements Faster CPU
    The CPU clock rate has been doubled in the new TDS3000B products to allow more powerful features while maintaining the same responsive characteristics customers like in the current products. Faster DPO Waveform Update Rate (300MHz and 500MHz Models)
    The DPO waveform update rate has been increased in the 300MHz and 500MHz models by over 40% in Fast Trigger mode to 3,600 waveforms per second. This helps users find those elusive intermittent problems even quicker. More and Improved Measurements
    Several improvements to measurements and additional measurements have been added to the new TDS3000B family. Improvements include measurement statistics (available with the new optional TDS3AAM module), snapshot of all measurements, and measurement indicators showing where on the displayed waveforms a measurement is being made. New measurements added to the standard instruments are Delay and Phase. Area and Cycle Area are added when the optional TDS3AAM module is installed. New Save All Feature
    The new Save All feature allows users to save all waveforms on the screen to disk at one button push. Now instead of individually highlighting and saving each waveform you can save all on-screen waveforms at once to sequential waveform files (. ISF format) or to a single spreadsheet file (either Excel .CSV or MathCAD .DAT format). More Accurate Timebase
    Timebase accuracy has been improved by 10X from 200 ppm to 20 ppm in all TDS3000B units.


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