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KEYSIGHT 1147B Current Probe – 50 MHz/15A AC/DC

The Keysight 1147B is a wide bandwidth, active current probe for 54800, 3000X, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 Series oscilloscopes except the 6000 100 MHz models.

Keysight EL34243A 600W Dual Input Bench Electronic Load

EL34243A dual input bench electronic load with a built-in data logger, sinks up to 150 V, 60 A, and 300 W per input.

Keysight EXR258A Infiniium EXR-Series Oscilloscope: 2.5 GHz, 8 Channels

Infiniium EXR-Series Powerful. Easy to Own. Intuitive to Use.

Array 3723A Electronic load

3723A DC Electronic Load (0-30A,0-200V,0-350W)

Keysight DAQ970A Data Acquisition System

Get the next-generation data acquisition (DAQ) system with a 3-slot mainframe and your choice of 9 plug-in modules. Interface with the DAQ using Keysight BenchVue DAQ software, the intuitive graphical front panel with task oriented, self-guiding menus, or a web browser.

Keysight EDU34450A Smart Bench Essentials Digital Multimeter

HIGHLIGHTS Powerful Measurement Capabilities with Smart Remote Connectivity The Keysight EDU34450A is a modern benchtop digital multimeter (DMM) that is

Keysight EDU36311A triple-output power supply

Keysight EDU36311A triple-output power supply

Keysight EDUX1052A Oscilloscope: 50 MHz, 2 analog channels

Key Features and Functions 50 MHz bandwidth 1 GSa/s sample rate 200k points Make professional measurements, math, FFT, and serial

Keysight N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator, 9 kHz – 3/6 GHz

N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator, 9 kHz – 3/6 GHz