Big5 Bench PLUS

Big5 Bench PLUS

With every eligible bench instrument purchase, customers are entitled to get a complimentary U1282A handheld DMM by registering their purchase using the Keysight claim form.

The qualifier products are N6700A, E36100/E36300A, 34970A, 33600A, B2900A (new - replacing AC6800).

Few facts about Used Test equipment.

Few facts about Used Test equipment.

Few facts about Used Test equipment test equipment.


It’s worthwhile noticing that testing equipment could cost a fortune, and while electronics testing equipment like voltmeter, ohmmeter, ammeter are basic and cheap, others like signal generator, pulse generator, digital pattern generator, oscilloscope, LCR meter are a few expensive and rather less frequently used testing equipment.

 1.     Costs benefits

While there are other reasons, the biggest benefit of getting used equipment is the immense cost savings. New testing equipment could cost a LOT, and unlike other new vs. old buying decisions, this one has some real significance. Used equipment could sometimes lead to cost advantage of as much as 75 percent over the new equipment, depending on a variety of reasons.

 2.     Improved delivery

If you are looking for an urgent testing equipment, buying new equipment isn’t one of the wisest decisions. This is largely due to the fact that the small testing equipment items are available ex-stock, but if it’s about getting more expensive items like oscilloscope, spectrum or digital pattern and pulse generator, it could easily take around six to 10 weeks. So if you need testing equipment on urgent basis, used equipment is what you need to go with.

 3.     Meeting out of production test equipment requirements

Sometimes, it’s possible that a new product is developed and it requires production testing, or it’s also possible that increasing quantities of test equipment are needed because more production is taking place due to a seasonal variation. This increase in the demand of test equipment is temporary, and there is no good reason why a company should go with new test equipment.

 4.     Used like New equipment

When Refurbished unit is available for sale, do not hesitate and buy it. It comes with fresh calibration and the same warranty as new unit has, but cheaper. (Refurbished by Manufacturer..)

 5.     Best buck for limited budget

By picking used equipment over new, you are actually allowing yourself to afford a bigger variety of testing equipment out of your limited budget.

 6.     Trade offers

It’s also possible for you to get a trade offer on your existing testing equipment that you may not need anymore with something that you might be looking out for.

 7.     Availability of lease options

Lease options on used equipment are also available just like on the new ones.

 8.     Know the vendor

Buy used test equipment, from a known vendor. Ask for fresh calibration. Also ask for extended warranty plans.

9.     TestPlace- Marketplace for test equipment

Nische marketplace for test equipment -, you have all specification, datasheets, compare products, price, you can buy sell and trade. Try it.