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Agilent E4407B ESA-E Series 100 Hz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Remotely view and control the ESA over the Internet 8590-Series Programming Code Compatibility Modulation Analysis Measurement Personality Multiformat RF power

Anritsu MS9720A WDM Network Test Optical Spectrum Analyzer

The MS9720A is an optical spectrum analyzer with a diffraction grating that is used to measure and analyze optical spectra

Aaronia Extrem stable Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer Spectran NF-XFR PRO

ULTRA robust spectrum analyzer for use under extreme conditions. Unrivaled Hardware Power. Tested to military standards. Extremely wide frequency range of 1Hz to 20MHz (opt. 30MHz).

Aaronia Real-Time Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer Spectran XFR V5 PRO

Rugged Outdoor Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, ultra robust, IP65 rated, powerful hardware, perfect as counter-surveillance receiver

Aaronia Spectran HF RSA 6000

Our remote controlled EMF Monitor for the professional user up to 6GHz incl. real-time remote analyzer software for MAC-OS, Linux, Windows.

Aaronia Spectran HF RSA 9000

Perfect for RF spectrum monitoring. The 9.4GHz RF Monitor for the pro at an incredible price incl. real-time USB/LAN/WLAN Analyzer-Software for MAC-OS, Linux, Windows.

Aaronia Spectran HF-2025E V3

The low cost spectrum analyzer. Handy and cost-effective. Including directional antenna, charger, battery, free of cost Spectrum-Analyzer-Software and more.

Aaronia Spectran HF-4040 V3

Same as HF-2025E lowcost RF Handheld Analyzer but with heavily extended measurement range, higher Analyzer-Precision and additional features.

Aaronia Spectran HF-60100 V4

Our EMC Spectrum Analyzer flagship. Perfect for Pre-Compliance test, optional TCXO time base etc.. WORLD RECORD in handheld analyzer sensitivity down to -170dBm(Hz).

Aaronia Spectran HF-60100 V4 (GSM/3G/LTE Version)

Specialized GSM/3G Version of the Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer Spectran HF-60100 V4 with direct provider display on the screen of the Spectran.