Lineeye USB Analyzer LE-580FX

Easy to analysis and test
Ethernet network via USB port
Model No: LE580FX



The LE-580FX is a LAN analyzer that connects to a PC's USB2.0 port. In TAP mode, you can capture full duplex data on 10/ 100Base-TX and transmit to the PC at 480Mbps via the USB2.0 interface. In PG mode, you can generate test packets at up to 100Mbps line rate. Use LE-580FX for : Release latest version !! Selects English or Japanese display. Records up to 250,000,000 frames. Supports tests confirming RFC2544. Checking LAN protocols and data in the test devices. Checking and analyzing traffic. Providing statistical information, such as error rate etc. Generate test packets for network test. Measuring QoS, such as latency etc. Studying network communication protocols.

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