Alltest - Your one stop shop

AllTest Equipment Ltd is the leading used/refurbished and new test equipment reseller in Israel. We Sell/Rent/Buy/Trade-in T&M equipment, from large inventory.

AllTest is the sole Keysight authorised distributor In Israel for high volume products. We sell new Keysight/Agilent test equipment and backed by Keysight’s support and services.

AllTest meet the growing demand for a reliable second source of testing equipment in Israel.

AllTest was established 9 years ago and has a worldwide trading network (import and export) of different kinds of Testing equipment. We offer a full hardware solution to medium sized and big organisations.

AllTest is a resource for commercial accounts, resellers, integrators leading corporations and more looking to buy, sell,rent or trade used test and measurement equipment from manufacturers such as Keysight/Agilent, Tektronix, Rohde and Schwarz, Keithley, Anritsu, Spirent, IXIA, Associated research ,Willtek, Fluke and many others.

AllTest has the experience and the industry connections to deliver cutting edge products at exceptional prices.

We buy our Test and Measurement equipment worldwide from industry leading resellers and from Israeli companies.

Our chain of suppliers allows us to provide a large set of equipment with very competitive prices.

In the domain of renewed equipment trading, the company is the most progressive in the Israeli market, supplying multiple test and measurements equipment of dismantled companies and/or companies that were narrowed down.

The renewed or used equipment, which sometimes still has the manufacturer's guarantee, is purchased by AllTest as a package, is tested at our own lab or other laboratories of test equipment manufacturers. It goes through a careful process of QA and sold to our clients with guarantee for unmatched prices tens of percentages below the prices of new equipment.

Another department that exists in the company is the leasing/renting department of Test and Measurements equipment for unlimited period of time according to the clients' needs. The entire stock is available for leasing/renting.!

The company is committed to provide uncompromising service and at a rate that is tens of percentages lower than that of identical products that are bought by the old fashioned distribution system that is customary in Israel today among many companies.

Purchasing Test and Measurement instruments from AllTest is fast and easy. Our wide range of leasing and payment options make sure you get what you need when you need it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by our liberal return policy and warranties on everything we sell.

The company has offices both in Tel Aviv and in Netania, where there are also its warehouses.

Our mission is to save our customers time and money by providing a reliable and efficient global resource for buying, selling, renting and trading used/refurbished testing equipment!